Safe, Fun, Friendly

Droke's is your neighborhood pool hall with the best tables in town. A friendly and safe environment to shoot pool with family and friends.

Monthly Karaoke

Shoot a few games and listen to your favorite local singers.

League - Four nights a week.

We host APA, BCA and NAPA pool leagues.

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American Poolplayers Association

The American Poolplayers Association (APA) was founded by professional poolplayers and Billiard Hall of Famers Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart in 1979 as the National Pool League, which became the American Poolplayers Association in 1981. The two realized the popularity of the sport, but knew, that different from other sports, there was no existing recreational league system.

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The BCA Pool League is an umbrella membership organization that allows pool leagues around the world to "Be Part of Something Bigger." A single local league, even one with hundreds of members, is limited in what it can offer its members. However, when hundreds or thousands of leagues around the world band together under the BCA Pool League umbrella, the economy of scale provides all leagues value and benefits that they could not achieve alone.

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North American Poolshooters Association

NAPA was founded in 2009 and is the fastest growing pool league in North America. NAPA does not charge an annual membership to NAPA players. Once a player plays their first NAPA sanctioned match they immediately become a lifetime member of the NAPA. NAPA does offer an optional VIP Membership for those players that like to have extra benefits.

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